"From our field in the morning to your kitchen in the evening."


About the Farm

"You shall bring them and plant them on the mount of Your inheritance, the place, Hashem, which You have made for you to dwell in, the sanctuary, O L-rd, which Your hands have established." (Exodus 15:17)

The Rosenberg family is growing , with the grace of G-d, the freshest, (hopefully) best tasting, nutritious, wide range of vegetables on Moshav Tirosh in the Emek Ayala region.

We recently returned from a seven year sojourn in the US. Before that we grew organic vegetables in Moshav Yanuv which is the Sharon area. Then, like now, we delivered to people's homes and we are very fortunate and happy to be serving most of our previous customers.

The positive feedback from our customers is very encouraging and uplifting. It is truly a blessing to back in Eretz Israel and to be growing organic vegetables again. Seeing beautiful and healthy plants in the field, of course, are a true blessing and mitzvah.

The crops change with the seasons. Most of the greens should be able to grow most of the year. We'll see how they manage in the extreme heat. Strawberries are already starting to ripen and will be available in a week or two. Potatoes have been planted and should be ready by Pesach. And then the summer has a really varied range of squash, tomatoes, peppers, melons, but most of all corn. I must admit that the corn we grew in Yanuv was very special, and with the help of G-d we will be able to grow as good if not better corn in Tirosh.

To healthy, tasty eating,
Benjamin, Jackie, Sivan and Ari Rosenberg

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